Linear Drumming

Linear Drumming With Jose Martinez

Linear Drumming With Jose Martinez

Welcome to my site. My name is Jose, and I created this site to share with you my perspectives on drumming and improvising on the drumset.

I believe these concepts are applicable to every style; rock, funk, jazz, or fusion, and even Latin rhythms.
This website is under construction at this point, but I will be adding onto the different categories.

Some of the things I will share with you are philosophical in nature as well as technical. I will also be discussing my favorite drummers and why I think they are great.

Hopefully you will learn to play the drums better, or simply add a little bit more to your own bag of tricks. And if you are beginning, it may be a nice place to start.

5 thoughts on “Linear Drumming”

  1. Hey Jose!

    Glenn here from Seattle…Geoff’s old friend..I live in Bend and am playing pedal steel now…not sure if I can make the show tonight..hope to see you around!

  2. I believe I saw you with Leftover Salmon last night. I absolutely loved your playing and would love to hear your jazz/latin chops. Great playing man, it was a pleasure to see such a great group of players.

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