Local Drummer is One of My Favorites

So I co-host a cool little jam session on Tuesdays at the Owl and Thistle in Seattle.  A few weeks ago Royce Shorter showed up and sat in. This kid’s amazing. He won the Modern Drummer competition in 2004 and is a graduate of Garfield High.

It’s not just that Royce has serious ability and chops. It’s really about his creativity, ideas and freedom of expression.  He sat in for one tune, I forgot which. Some tune that was of AABA form and just tore it up.

He’s got amazing touch and speed. He really generates time. It’s almost like he plays without resolution. There’s simply forward flow and momentum. His concept of time and phrasing, along with his playfulness, really draws you in. He can come up with spontaneous linear ideas while he is comping or soloing. It’s really cool when they are not licks too.

If you get a chance, check him out. He is based in Seattle and he plays with some local R&B groups.

Check out the footage from a few years ago at the Owl: